5 Best Fitness Trackers for Calories Burned

We are listing the best fitness trackers for calories burned that will not only help you monitor your health but will make you more concerned about your health too. The fitness tracker can track your daily activities and gives you real-time information about your overall health. These trackers are the answer for most of your problems, like calculating the calories burned during weightlifting, monitoring your heart rate, counting your steps accurately, and more.

There is a broad fitness tracker market and keeps growing. Alongside, many brands are manufacturing different models that fit most of the fitness requirements. Most trackers even can help you with your monthly cycle, your sleeping patterns, etc.

Best Fitness Trackers for Calories Burned- Best of 2021

We went out of our way to choose the best fitness trackers for your overall health that measure accurate information about calories burned. We made the selection on the following criteria:

Product Testing: We have checked these fitness trackers ourselves before selecting them.

User Reviews: We have finalized our selections for testing from user reviews.

Features: We have tried including the fitness trackers with the most useful features specially selecting the best fitness trackers for calories burned.

Apple Watch Series 6: Best for Calories burned

Apple Watch Series 6

When it comes to accuracy, the apple smartwatches come in the list of most accurate fitness trackers. Apple has stopped manufacturing series 5′ and updated the new series lineup by introducing the new Apple watch series 6.

What’s new? The Apple watch series 6 offers numerous features for your overall health like blood oxygen monitoring, heart rhythm, calculation of the calories burned during daily activities, and more.

It comes with a new s6 processor, always-on altimeter, u1 chip for ultrawideband support, improved battery backup, crispy brighter always on display for better readability and speedy charging time. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters.

If you are looking for an upgrade, the Apple smartwatch is the ultimate choice.

Garmin Vivosmart 4: Best for Calories Burned

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin vivosmart 4 is a budget-friendly, feature-packed fitness tracker that can perform as per your expectations from a fitness tracker, exclusively for calories burned and heart rate monitoring.

Like the Apple watch series 6, Garmin vivosmart 4′ can track your sleep, heart rate, stress, steps, floors climbed, and much more.

It lacks GPS support, and the tiny display might be uncomfortable for you, but if you can get past these drawbacks, then the Garmin vivosmart 4′ can be your best bet for a low-budget fitness tracker for calories burned.

Fitbit Charge 4: Advanced Fitness Tracker

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Fitbit charge 4, another best fitness tracker for calories burned, is in the budget. The tracker comes with stress tracking, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, all-day activity tracker, and built-in pulse sensor.

Using information like your age, weight, height, gender, and calculating your daily activities, the fitness tracker can show you a snapshot of the calories burned. Besides all the above useful features, the Fitbit Charge 4 is water-resistant to 50m and comes with a built-in GPS.

In our test, unlike the Fitbit statement about Fitbit charge 4′ battery life, ‘the battery stayed last up to 5 days 6hrs in average use.

Battery backup is more about how you are going to use it. If you are looking for a fitness tracker for calories burned, heart rate monitoring, sleep cycle, and other metrics.

Garmin Venu SQ: Smart Watch With Calories Tracker

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When it comes to fitness tracking, Garmin venu sq performing well. The Garmin venu sq is a budget-friendly sports watch and fitness tracker for those who want a Garmin smartwatch on their wrist and that in the budget.

The venu sq comes with basic fitness features like the step you walk, heart rate, sleep tracking features, stress tracking, blood oxygen tracker, and the venu sq also functions as a fitness tracker for calories burned.

Also, offers preloaded sport, workout, yoga, and 20 other mods. The venu sq is water-resistant to 50m, and can track pool swimming but cannot function for open water swimming, to get such features you will have to spend more like Garmin forerunner 935

The battery backup is good enough. You can get 6′ days of battery backup on average use, average in the sense if you don’t use the “always-on display” and limit pulse ox feature.

Above all of that, the venu sq is the best fitness tracker for calories burned that comes under budget if you want to try the Garmin smartwatch fitness tracker.

YAMA Smart Watch: Fitness Tracker

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YAMA Smart Watch is an all-in-one fitness tracker that offers multiple fitness-related features. It can track your heart rate, daily activities, the distance you traveled, sleep cycle, and the calories burned.

The watch comes with 14 modes of operation including, Running, Cycling, Jogging, and more. The female menstrual cycle is a unique aspect of this smartwatch fitness tracker.

We’ve experienced a battery life of almost 8′ days with a couple of great features that made us include it in our top five picks.

The YAMA Smart Watch is one of the best fitness trackers for calories burned that comes at a pocket-friendly price with an extra discount on Amazon.

How to Choose Best Fitness Tracker for Calories Burned

There are lots of fitness trackers available but getting the right one is always a daunting task.

According to Stanford University School of Medicine Researchers; No fitness tracker, including Apple watches, can measure calories accurately. Although, we found the Apple watch series 6 was more accurate as compared with other fitness trackers. The fundamental of buying a fitness tracker is to track your health and should give you an estimate, especially for tracking your calories.

More sensors make better accuracy and add more features in a smartwatch, like GPS, light sensors, accelerometer, etc.

You can look for other features like music control compatibility, phone calls, and Most important, the tracker should be compatible with your smartphone.

The smartwatch fitness trackers recommended by us are the best fitness trackers for calories burned, equipped with most of the features we felt necessary to have in a fitness tracker and tested by the KHB team. You won’t regrate buying on our choice.

We hope that the list of best fitness trackers for calories burned will help you in choosing the right fitness tracker. Feel free to contact us directly, or you can comment below.

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