Best Gaming Gadgets for Mobile 2021

As a mobile gamer, you must have faced many difficulties while trying to perform well in games. Whether you play Call of Duty or Dead Trigger, these gaming gadgets for mobile will help you target your enemies effortlessly and improve your performance in mobile gaming.

You might deal with bad audio, unsatisfactory gaming control, the pain of charging your smartphone in the middle of the tournament to sort out all these problems, we have listed some of the best gaming gadgets for mobile, which will not only make your gaming experience more enjoyable but also help you to achieve more rewards.

Rotor Riot MFI Certified Gamepad Controller

gamepad controller

This gamepad is for iPhone (MFI). Rotor riot gamepad is the best controller we have seen so far. You can nicely fit your iPhone with the mount provided on top of the controller, which is tightly attached to the controller with a chunky screw. You can arrange the size of the attachment so you can put your iPhone of any size.

You need to install an app called Ludu Mapp, which is free and required to make the controller work with your iPhone or iPad. The application will list all the games you can play with this controller. We have tested the Rotor riot gamepad with iPhone SE and played some games from retro street games to recently launched ones, such as COD Mobile. We can say we are impressed with the controller. If you are COD Mobile or Fortnite player, this is for you. The buttons are well responsive and smooth. You can also get it in the Apple store.

SVZIOOG Mobile Game Controller

gamepad controller 2

Using all your fingers to control the game is pretty skillful if you have to look for an alternative option to dancing fingers on your smartphone, I’d suggest you try the svzioog mobile game controller. For those who find the rotor riot MiFi controller inconvenient to handle, the svzioog controller is for them. The controller is lightweight and easy to control. It comes with a 2000MAH built-in battery and a fan that will keep your phone calm while you play games. What we liked most, it has a frosted surface that will not let your phone slip and gives you a smooth touch response.

What we do not like?

The 2000MAH battery also works as a portable power bank for your smartphone, but, today’s smartphones are already coming with a more powerful battery than the svzioog controller has, like OUKITEL WP5 (2020) Rugged Smartphone, which comes with 8000mAh battery power juice. You cannot use this with a phone case on your smartphone. It was pretty annoying to remove the phone cover every time we decided to test a game. Still, with all of these drawbacks, it fulfills the purpose of gaming gadgets for mobile.

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

gamepad controller 3

Razer Kishi is like two Nintendo switches permanently joined together and made a space in between them to attach your smartphone. These two switches can be closed and collapsed with each other to make Kishi a portable, pocket-sized package.

The gap between them is adjustable so that you can snug fit your smartphone edge to edge. The iPhone version comes with a connector and a charging port for keeping your iPhone power juice up while you play.

The controller is certified by MFi so, most of the games recognize it instantly as a gamepad. We liked the controller for playing games on the iPhone. It’s convenient and portable and works perfectly with the Apple arcade, although we hadn’t tried the Xbox and Android versions yet.

Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

keyboard game controller

Redragon builds great computer keyboards, and the Redragon K858 DITI gaming keyboard is one of them. This gaming keyboard is designed with gamers in mind, which is lightweight and easy to maintain, while the built quality is good enough to satisfy your gaming needs.

The keyboard buttons are very responsive, and it comes with 5 RGB backlights. You can select the keyboard backlight color the way you like. You can modify the keyboard commands to suit your gaming style.

It will take a bit of time to get used to the K858 DITI keyboard, but Redragon’s software will surely help you with it.

Well, the keyboard is great but, will it work with android or smartphones?, unfortunately, the answer is no, and yes by installing 3rd party software emulator to make the android apps work on your Windows or Mac computer, such as Bluestacks, Nox Player, etc. We tried it with the Mech Arena android game, and the keyboard worked perfectly.

If you are going to buy it for computer gaming purposes, we’d suggest you get a gaming mouse too. It would be much easier to operate in the game with these devices. We had tried Razor gaming mouse bungee in our case, although it is very optional.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphone

Sometimes, we miss the kill and become the kill for the silent enemy who comes close to us and surprises us with the massive fire. We bought this device for that purpose and were amazed by its sound quality and usefulness.

It is a wireless Bluetooth headphone that has noise reduction technology. It was the perfect decision made by us for most of our gaming session.

As per Amazon, it gives 34 hours battery backup, but we got 28 hours “28 hours is not bad, we cannot complain.” It is easy to pair and feels good on the ears. We tried it with 2 hours of continuous gaming. The sound is crystal clear, so it also fulfills the purpose of calling.

So, What do you think are the Best Gaming Gadgets for Mobile 2021?

Choosing gaming gadgets relies on what kind of games you are playing. Built quality, features, handling, and many aspects we should look at before we plan our purchase.

We have listed the gigs that we had experienced ourselves and realized how useful these are for gaming. We’d love to read your opinions on the best gaming gadgets for mobile we could list in this article.

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