Cat Robot Named Nicobo that Can Fart: Best 320 Units

Panasonic made a moody, farting robot that is supposed to be a cat in a sock. This little pet robot’s name is Nicobo that can wiggle its tail and head, blinks its digital eyes, can fart when it feels like. Nicobo was created by Panasonic in collaboration with the Toyohashi University of Technology Michio Oka Laboratory researchers.

Panasonic’s Nicobo Features

Panasonic’s Nicobo is an adorable little companion robot cat that is a little pricey but comes with features that will surely make you adopt it. It can look around and talk over your voice. It cannot move around like Anki Cozmo or Vector but can move in a circle on its swivel joint and do other activities as discussed.

Nicobo has built-in touch sensors so it can react when you hold or stroke it. Although AI-based Nicobo cannot purr like a cat, it can speak full Japanese sentences as a toddler does. Built-in features like cameras and microphones to recognize faces and voices, a light sensor for telling time and weather to act accordingly. And, yes, it also farts when it likes.

Photo: Makuake

Read Before You Plan to Buy Nicobo Robot Cat

As reported by Gizmodo. The robot comes with a price tag of around $360 each and, Panasonic planned to make 320 units initially. Makuake is Panasonic’s Japanese crowdfunding platform raised 10,000,000 yen ($95,000) for handling pre-orders. Unfortunately, it is hard to buy the robot now since all the units are already sold out within six hours after the crowdfunding campaign begins.

Those owning the robot require to pay 10$ monthly subscriptions after 6 months of purchase for pairing with smartphones and future updates. There’s a chance some might cancel the orders or Panasonic might continue the productions. If you are planning to get one, you must be lucky enough.

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